Our mission is to increase liquidity in the market

Twid is a technology company that builds existing reward points into a currency. Point Issuers, Merchants and Acquirers – from startups to large established businesses – use our software and network to enable "Pay with Rewards"

Open Positions

TWID is shaping the future of Digital Currencies

We are delivering new-age fintech solutions, built grounds up from our technology innovators to solve large un-solved problems.

Despite earning of loyalty points from Credit/Debit Cards, Retail and Online Brands, Travel and more, the visibility and usage of them are marginal. TWID is revolutionizing this space by making reward points completely ubiquitous and fungible, and building them as a currency so that you can use them freely for everything and everywhere.

We are the new age payment method, combining your points and payment ensuring you not only save on every payment you make, but also earn new accelerated rewards.

We empower banks, brands, acquirers and customers to make their program completely business viable and turn their app as contactless payment mode for offline payments or as a checkout option on online merchants using “Pay with Rewards”. From Startup’s to world’s leading companies today uses TWID Platform for digitize and build points into currencies and drive new liquidity in the market for customers and from issuers.

TWID is dual-headquartered in Singapore and Bangalore with offices in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Meet our Team

Rishi Batra
Amit Koshal
Amit Sharma
Anand Agarwal
Aman Raj
Asif Anwar
Amrita Banga
Chaitra Hebbar
Daman Datta
Hemant Yadav
John Sathya
John Zacharia
Karishma Bidla
Kushal R
Mahesh Ghogare
Mahalaxmi Desai
Mayur Patil
Nitin Sawake
Nitesh Singh
Neha Singh
Nischay Gowda
Rajesh Soundraraj
Shiva Mehta
Shreyas Shridhar
Saurav Polara
Siddharth Lokre
Sujith Prasad
Sunetra Dutta
Utkarsh Singh
Vipul Shinde
Vipul Tiwari
Vivek Pandit