Freedom to Spend Your Reward Points just as Cash

Earning a Reward Point is always delightful, but only when you are able to use them. At twid Network, get to see your reward points from various banks and brands and the freedom to pay with them. Use "Pay with Rewards" at stores or online sites.

Spend Smarter

Track Points

Get access to all your rewards at one place and use them just as cash everywhere for your daily spends. And Yes, we will not let your points expire, rather we help you grow it.

Pay with Rewards

Your Reward Points = Cash. It's a new currency, just pay with it everywhere. Contactless. And if points are not enough, you can use your other modes along with it for paying the bill.

Earn More Everytime

From over 100,000+ Offline Stores and 50+ Marquee Online brands Pay with Rewards, and accelerate your points earning. Pay and Earn – Its that simple.