Transforming Your Reward Program

We work with marquee Point issuers, be it Banks and Brands. With our Cutting-Edge Technology and the largest Network of Merchants, give your consumers simplified and secure way to make contactless payments with their Reward Points.

Turn Your Points into a Real Currency

Plug n Play Technology for yourApp

We do the heavy lifting for you in technology too. Integrate our PWA and make your App a contactless Payment App. Enabling your customers to pay everywhere with your reward points.

Largest Network of Most Desired Merchants

Super high engagement with your customers, when they use you for their daily spends too now at marquee 100,000+ Offline Merchants and 50+ Online Partners.

Let your Rewards Pay for itself

Merchant Funded Accruals

Your program should pay for itself and drive key metrics of your business. That's why we bring Merchant funded Accruals and Accelerated earning for making your program viral.

Industry best Commercial

With deep synergies with our Merchants, and together with you driving business to our Merchants empower us to get premium share which gets passed to you and your customers as Accruals.

Start Your Own Rewards Program

A customer-centric approach to building engaging loyalty with proven ROI. Ensure your existing customers keep coming back to you by intelligently rewarding them for their desired behaviour with our New-Age loyalty platform.