Start accepting twid and grow your sales

Just one simple integration to access over INR 5,000 Crs in Points from marquee issuers and over 200 Million Consumers ready to shop from you. The most cost effective way to get incremental and repeat business.

Just one simple integration

20+ Large Point Issuers with collective base of over 200 Million. All with just one simple integration.

Instant Business Scale

200+ Million Active Shoppers

INR 5,000+ Crs Reward Points Pool & Growing

Upto 100% OFF on bill for Consumers Delight

Accelerated Point Earning and Surprise Offers on Payment

Ultra Powerful than any other Marketing Initiative

We bring your brand in front of the customer, an always ON experience. So you are remembered at the time of potential buying decision. This all at a fraction of cost vs what you spend for every transacting customer.

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